• Limitless

    Do you sometimes imagine the life you could live for God,but your reality says that’s never going to happen? The limits you face—whether physical, mental, financial, racial, or spiritual—are part of God’s plan to prepare you and build you for your part and purpose in His kingdom. He has designed you for a specific role, and in Him you are victorious, prosperous, and limitless. Anthony S. Ramsey has lived what he preaches. From unlikely beginnings,he rose to a senior executive in the automotive industry. After over two decades of lay ministry at Straight Gate International Church in Detroit under Bishop Andrew Merritt, Pastor Ramsey was called to found Kingdom Living Church in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Since 2007, Kingdom Living has been a growing and dynamic force in the community, reaching out to those in need and making disciples of Jesus Christ. Drawing from his successful career and ministry, Pastor Ramsey shares practical, hard-earned life lessons. In this powerful and thought-provoking

    book, you will learn why:


    • Religion is more dangerous than Satan
    • God needs you as part of His master plan of restoration
    • Dominion authority is yours in the present, not the future
    • Faith, diligence, and obedience will change your life
    • You can trust God through any difficulty and walk in confidence of His goodness
    • You don’t need to spend another day in bondage to religion, doubt, or hopelessness.


    Every earthly, human limit on you only serves to highlight that

    your inheritance in Christ—and His plans for you—are Limitless when you

    are walking in relationship with Him. Now is the moment to begin your

    victorious walk in faith—for God’s kingdom!